queensGrowing up in Queens was a blessing in disguise.  I knew that one day this hard childhood was going to pay off.  My friends always said that one day life will be better.  I always told them that Carmine is going to make life better.  I’m not the kind of guy that just waits around for shit to happen.  This is real life here, and you can just wait, pray or hope.

My parents were poor, and they both worked.  They were never really home, but then again I didn’t want them to be.  We never had this great family relationship that you see in the movies.  Every movie has parents all sitting at the dinner table asking their kids how school was.  That wasn’t life for me growing up with two working parents in Queens.  I’d come home right after school to raid the fridge for leftovers before I headed out with the boys.

Fridays, was when my mom had her night off.  She has a day job, and worked nights as well to support us.  Those Friday nights she would get some ice-cream and try to lure me in staying with her for the night.  She didn’t want me going out late on Fridays because she was afraid I’d end up like my father.  My father was a drunk, functioning, but still a drunk.  He wouldn’t beat my ass or abuse me, but he wasn’t supportive either.  He’d do his part, and keep a roof over our heads.  Some food in the fridge and a roof over our heads was all that mattered.

Early Hustling

At an early age I learned that I needed to hustle to get what I wanted.  Being the big man on campus I would always hit up other kids for their lunch money.  I did that for a while until I got in trouble at school.  I didn’t really care about the fact I was getting in trouble, but I noticed the girls didn’t like that.  It was like the girls were going for these nice boys, instead of men like myself.  I decided to start up my own business.  I got some of these nice boys working for me.

What’d we do was take orders from teachers, parents and other people we knew around town. The orders would be for food that wasn’t able to be delivered.  We’d charge a small delivery fee, and be on our way.  I made some serious bucks doing this.  I guess you could call me a entrepreneur.

Sticking – The Intro


When you’re really sticking it to someone, your telling it like it is.  I grew up in Queens as you can tell by my about page.  When you grow up in as hard of a spot as Queens you get real good at a couple things.

  1. Telling it, like it is
  2. Being Tough
  3. Hustling

stickingThis guy right here is what I look like when I’m really sticking.  When I’m sticking some good, so good that they look like they just saw a ghost, I use that same finger.  This blog is about telling it like it is, because that’s it ought to be told.  The news and the media sugar coat so much that its unbelievable.  Nowadays everyone gets a ribbon for participating so they don’t feel left out.  In Queens if you won something, the school couldn’t even afford to get you a ribbon.  On the slight chance they did get you a ribbon, it’d probably get stolen a minute later.

Being Tough

People these days are soft.  I’m talking like a soft like a bunny.  People don’t stand up for themselves.  If I’m driving, and someone looks at me the wrong way I don’t just look away.  I stare right into the souls of their eyes.  If they don’t immediately look away  I proceed to ask them what the fuck they are looking at!  I act the same way that no matter what neighborhood, city, project or whatever I’m in, because I’m tough.  I don’t start trouble, but I certainly take care of business if trouble starts with me.


Hustling is what you do when you need money, and you don’t have money.  Hustling is what makes the world go round.  Without people hustling hard there wouldn’t be such a booming economy.  Speaking of Booming, my boy DJ Khaled has got this little 14 year old entrepreneur who is seriously hustling.  Get your money right kids.


That’s just the into.  More real talk where that came from.  Learn about Carmine.  Contact Carmine.