connecticutMy first failure didn’t even slow me down.  I kept grinding, and working at my angle.  I knew that being more professional was a big part of my game that I was missing.  In my early days I said a big F-U to professionalism, but now I regret it.  I decided be serious about getting more professional.  I knew in Queens, NYC, and the Bronx that professionalism was taken for granted.  I decided to travel up to CT to work my magic because up there they look up to the aggressive New York style of doing business.

I knew that I needed to get as professional as I could get.  I started thinking to myself…  What are the most professional businesses?

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Dentists
  • Police

I knew one thing was for sure…  I wasn’t going anywhere near a police station.


I decided to be as professional as I could, and emulate the most professional Dentists in CT.  Turns out there are 1000s of dental offices throughout Connecticut.  I figured that I’d narrow down my search by looking at specialists.  I found one guy named Dr. Tagliarini who did TMJ Treatment in CT, but I doubted that he’d talk to me.  By his listing picture he looked way too professional for me to even try to approach.  Carmine isn’t exactly the friendliest looking guy.

I decided just to do my research.  Turns out the guy was part of like 20 different organizations!  That’s all I needed to get started.  I knew now that if I wanted to be a true professional that I needed to stop sticking it, and start being part of the professional community.

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