I had my very first failure.  I’m not talking about losing a fight, or not being able to sneak out of school.  I’m talking about failure in business.  My mind was on bigger business.  I said screw professionalism.  I want to have the fuck you attitude that everyone always brags about in movies.  I loved the Gambler.  I couldn’t hang with this last business venture I got myself into.  I failed, and it hurt.

Failure, hurt, and pain aren’t anything to Carmine.  At first it was hard, but then I realized a great quote I once read in a book or something “success is a bad teacher, but failure is a great teacher.”  I spent the whole day thinking things over in my mind as to figure out what exactly went on.  I wanted to know why I failed.  My boys kept calling me, and telling me to shrug it off.  I said no, and proceeded to spend the next two days hammering down the whole situation.  My boys kept urging me to party it off, and wait for the next opportunity to come around.

My Boys

Man, I was messed up after that loss.  My boys kept ragging on me to party it off.  I kept ragging on myself trying to figure out if my boys were right.  I read this article from Elite Daily – some entrepreneurial magazine.  In the article they talk about not having any friends.  That got me thinking – we’re my boys looking out for my best interest or theirs?

I put a couple days of thought into it, and realized that my boys aren’t really my boys anymore.  They are still stuck partying, getting drunk, getting high and doing nothing.  I realized that I need to distance myself from them, because I’m just wasting time with them.

That fact was hard to accept, but failure teaches lessons.  That failure did some really hard sticking.

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