Me a professional?  Carmine and professional put in the same dang sentence together…  I doubt it!  I never thought that I would need to really act professional in order to be a successful.  I was told by a friend of the business partner I was trying to make a deal with that they didn’t want to do the deal.  More specifically they didn’t want to do the deal because I didn’t look professional enough.  That’s unbelievable that someone simply won’t do the deal because I don’t look like lawyer or doctor or something.

I was shocked when I heard that the deal was about to go south because I didn’t look professional.  So what did I do?

Can you guess what Carmine did?

I stuck it to them, hard.  I went to the meeting like my normal self, unprofessional as can be.  When the soon to be business partner started trying to talk his way out of the deal I hit him with some REAL TALK.  I said, that I heard from my buddy that you didn’t want to do the deal because I look unprofessional.  Not because you don’t think I’ll get you results for your company, but just because of the way I present myself.

I proceeded to lay a verbal smack down on this sucker.  I looked him dead in the eyes and said “I don’t mind embarrassing my friend right here, giving him up on something he told me not to because I know when you say yes to the deal that you’ll be thanking me profusely.  I am the person who’s going to make you a ton of money.  Lets put this non-sense aside and shake on it”.

Fuck You Attitude

Just like that he shook my hand, signed the papers and we’re in business.  I knew no matter how much I dressed up that I’d still look like a Queen’s born street thug.  I know that, and I understand that.  My parents taught me well.  They taught me to always know myself.  I got what they call the “fuck you attitude” made popular by The Gambler.  That’s how Carmine lives his life…  Fuck You!

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