I remember where I came from.. (Queens) and because of that I’m much stronger.  Growing up rough instilled a certain thirst in me.  I crave to be better, to hustle more, and to claim what is mine.  The other day I freaked out.  I straight punched a whole in the wall.  I haven’t lost my shit like that since Jimmy stole my girlfriend in Junior year of High School.  I completely lost my shit, and let my anger take control.

I kept asking myself…  Why am I getting to lit right now?  I’m hustling hard.  I’m working 14 hours a day, everyday.  That’s close to 100 hours a week.  What is wrong?  Then I figured it out.  I was putting in the hours, but I wasn’t putting in all the hours.  While trying to be more professional I realized that I need to pick up a CRM.  I hadn’t really kept myself right with the updates in the CRM.  Damn, I can do better.

I left that hole in the wall because I knew I could do better.  It feels good to see that hole in the wall every morning.  Only thing that comes close to feeling that good is when my buddy’s Rug Services comes over and cleans my carpet.  I needed to show that brother some love.  He’s on the grind, but he ain’t thinking big enough.

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